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Trusted by business owners and entrepreneurs across North America.
Relevant Traffic, Accurate Positioning, Better Leads, More Sales & Higher ROI…
Find out how our results driven digital marketing can help you grow your enterprise online
Let Experts handle your marketing
Trusted by business owners and entrepreneurs across North America. Relevant Traffic, Accurate Positioning, Better Leads, More Sales & Higher ROI… Let Experts handle your marketing.

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Make the Digital Shyft!


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Hi, I’m Shehroz, a Toronto-based digital advertising enthusiast with a whole lot of love for Los Angeles and I founded this company on the sudden realization of how our lives have taken a permanent turn for the better. The world has become the size of your pocket and with everything so easily accessible, it became almost necessary to present to the world a model of marketing that would be easy to follow, brisk, and yield the most glorious results! That’s where I come in. Being the topmost digital consultancy in Toronto and Los Angeles, we design it all for you, from head to toe, from start to end: we plan and organize the greatest digital marketing campaign your business has ever seen! We’ve mastered it, we’ve perfected it, we get you organic traffic, an actual audience, real-time profits, and impeccable sales. We design, we venture, we brew magic within your set boundaries, and give your business its best shot! So, let me ask you, are you ready for the digital shyft?
Best Regard
Founder of SHYFT

Digital Marketing Solutions Los Angeles & Toronto

Being at the forefront of the best digital agencies panning from Toronto to Los Angeles, we’ve mastered the dynamics so you wouldn’t have to. We have studied algorithms and the complex workings of the search engine systems that dominate the internet and the conclusion is: digital victory is the way to go! We build your brand’s digital image in this high-functioning world to make you not only visible but to stand out! Shyft, a digital marketing company like no other, excels at the digital representation of your brand and we get you to the top, in real life and otherwise! It is perhaps the hardest time of some wonderfully set up businesses because the digital age is stripping good vendors of their fortune, this is where you embrace the change and let us digitize your brand! With our digital marketing firm based in both Toronto and Los Angeles, you truly get the whole of North America at your palm.

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We set up the coolest, chicest, radest websites for you. Just like a storefront!
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We manipulate the search engine tactics for your page to pop up on the topmost page of google searches
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We simplify amazon marketing for you and make it your primary venture!
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He who has the media in hand is king. We make sure you reign supreme!
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We increase and maximize the conversion rates with our expert inbound marketing skills
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Google Ads

It might just be what your business needs to grow and expand beyond imagination.
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It’s quite the underrated tool in digital marketing where you connect with your audience on a personal level.
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Review Management

Brands may suffer if reviewed poorly. We manage those for you!
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Graphic / Logo Design

We amp up your look and give you the glorious makeover your brand always wanted!


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How SHYFT Creates
Business Growth

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Earning Traffic

We bring you the right kind of traffic for your website like no other Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto & Los Angeles. Oftentimes, many businesses suffer solely because they can’t generate enough traffic towards their brand. That’s where we pop in! We identify your target audience and plan strategies to uplift your business. We take your hand and introduce you to a whole new world of audiences that you never knew you had.

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Measurable Advertising

We plan to work so well on the advertising bit that nothing else really matters post that. We set the PPC, check out the target audience and keep the ROI in perspective to give your business the much-needed boost. This may just be the secret ingredient to it all and we’ll all up for perfecting the recipe! So have faith in the top Digital Marketing Agencies in both Los Angeles and Toronto for the win!
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Design that Dazzles

We believe in building a business identity for you. Your work is your own special signature and we create a digital image for that! We work with WebFX and whatever is high on the internet styling that time of the year and design your website according to the needs and requirements set by you. Our team is dedicated to bringing style and class to your business venture. This not only tops up your ranking but truly gives you the identity your brand needs.
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Expand your social reach

The world is on the internet now. It all stems from there. Let us help you touch the stars and reach out to all potential clients you possibly can! The prime purpose of creating a digital marketing agency in both the grand cities of Toronto and Los Angeles was to basically mock the distance! We get you the best of both worlds. We connect you with the latest hashtags and shareable content that puts you on the map, makes your business a household name, and makes you super recognizable.
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Partial Portfolio

You might not have heard about us earlier but you’ll surely have seen glimpses of our work here and there, we’ve put plentiful businesses on the internet and made that transition super comfortable and cool!

Search Engine Optimization Strategies (SEO)

We’ve decoded it. We’ve found the answer. We’re famous among the digital marketers for putting YOU on the first page of google search. So bring on the relevant traffic, the clients, the revenues, the ventures, new avenues, new vistas, and let success unfold right in front of you! We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again! Our accurate usage of keywords expertise in #1 rankings on Google and amazing backup adverts land you where you deserve to be: the top!
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Industries We Serve

Law Firms


Professional Services


Health & Wellness

Non Profit


Services & Contractors


Like a tailor taking the correct measurements to make you your perfect fitting suit, our team of strategists plan out and chalk out the course of your whole digital campaign. Since we are a digital marketing company that is operating in both Toronto, Canada, and Los Angeles, USA, we get to see the broader perspective. Let us do the dirty work for you while your success and popularity skyrocket. Here’s how Shyft’s team works it out for you:
Based on our detailed assessment, we will develop a customized digital marketing plan specifically for you at no cost!